Text Box:            We save money with OTRDRIVER, Itís the one-stop shop for all my business needs. When we came to the United States from Mexico, we werenít aware of the tax laws and regulations. OTRDRIVER helped us make the right decisions and keep us in compliance. We are a hundred percent satisfied with OTRDRIVER.
Lic. Carmen Prado
General Manager
Sersa Trucking, LLC













Text Box: My goal in life is my time to enjoy the great wonders and blessings of God''s. 
What does my goals have to do with OTR DRIVERS SERVICES? The weight of the 'old paperwork drudgery' is lifted from my shoulders. I no longer sort and decide or categorize receipts. I pay OTR DRIVER SERVICES a reasonable fee to organize and prepare my tax business. My time is freed up to orchestrate fluently loads and repairs. With my free time, brings additional money, less time on the road, and more free time to enjoy God's blessings and wonders. OTR DRIVERS SERVICES take the 'HEADACHE' out of my business ... a blessing from GOD.  ó Pj Taillie